Go to WarcraftLogs and find a report you would like to analyze.

Get the report code, the bolded part in, and enter it to get the fights available.

Select the fight and wait for the analysis to finish.

Private logs

Unfortunately WarcraftLogs does not allow third-party tools to fetch private logs and there are, currently, no plans to add support for it. If this is something you want, let the author of WarcraftLogs know there is a demand for it. In the meanwhile you have to make your private logs unlisted to analyse them.


This tool analyses individual fights from WarcraftLogs reports to estimate how much extra healing was provided by various legendaries over the course of a fight.

The accuracy of the estimation varies; for some it is completely accurate and others less so but should still give you a general idea of their effectiveness. Check the readme for more details.

Do take into considerations that play style can heavily impact certain legendaries, most notably the wrists.


  • Removed support for promises.
  • Clarified that the T19 bonus is only 4pc.
  • Reduced shoulders to max three extensions (7.2.5 change).
  • Added support for tracking mana savings from promises.
  • Fixed Velen's double dipping on the 15% increase on the overheal spread healing.
  • Include the overheal spread of Velen's to make it easier to compare.
  • Updated four piece tier 20 to the latest PTR numbers (200%, up from 100% bonus)

Changed analysis of Tearstone and 4T19 to not attribute all of the healing from their respective rejuvenation application. It now works like the shoulders and keeps track of the time they added and only healing during that interval is counted. End result is a decrease for both of them and a slight increase in other extension effects.

  • Fixed a bug with shoulders and Deep Rooted analysis where Flourish and wrists extension was given in milliseconds instead of seconds causing too many ticks to be attributed to shoulders and Deep Rooted.
  • Sped up the analysis
  • Show breakdown of the source of the healing provided by some legendaries.
  • Experimental support for Deep Rooted. It only tracks rejuvenation (and germination) for now.
  • Added support for the random bloom from belt
  • Fixed a bug that caused rejuvenations applied by Tearstone to be attributed to four piece T19

Shoulders have always been very hard to assign a value to, if not impossible. They do open up some playstyles that were otherwise impossible due to potentially ten seconds longer rejuvenations but is that valuable? The analyser have tried its best to give a pure numbers value to something that should probably not be evaluated as such. With four piece T19 it gets even more complicated and in light of this no attempt will be made to quantify them any more. Giving no analysis is a lot better than a wildly innacurate one. Do you have them and want to know how useful they are? Try them out and see how it plays.


After some discussion about shoulders the extra rejuvenation healing previously included is no longer. The reason being that in nearly all cases all it accomplished was moving the GCD used to apply the rejuvenation a few seconds back in time. This would only provide extra healing if there would not have been a free GCD later to cast it then instead and in most cases there are free GCDs. Since the extreme case where you are spamming rejuvenation for over 18 seconds in preparation for some huge damage event is so rare, not including the rejuvenation healing is the correct call to give a more honest valuation of the shoulders.

  • Fixed a bug regrading Drape of Shame which credited it with 10% of the total healing instead of 10% of the critical bonus healing. Thanks to Styx of ScrubBusters for finding it.
  • Dreamwalker healing is attributed to shoulders, Tearstone and wrists